[Gramophone 乐评] Albion Quartet的Dvorak No 8. and No 10

By Richard Bratby


What a gorgeous disc! True, it’d be a poor sort of string quartet who couldn’t make your heart melt with the opening phrases of Dvorák’s Op 51 String Quartet. But I’ve rarely felt such a glow of love from the less familiar E major Quartet, Op 80, the opening piece on this second disc in (let’s hope) a series devoted to Dvorák from this young British ensemble.

I’m not sure if there’s such a thing as a distinctively Czech style of quartet- playing (when I interviewed the Pavel Haas Quartet last year, they emphatically denied it). But anyone who thinks that the new generation of super-quartets are merely about virtuoso brilliance should hear the myriad shades of russet and gold that the Albion Quartet find in these two enchanting works. This, surely, is how Dvorák’s chamber music is supposed to sound: luminous, playful (there’s a
real kick to his dotted dance-rhythms), and simultaneously generous and touchingly intimate.

But the Albions engage head as well as heart, finding exactly the right scale for the climaxes in Op 80’s slow movement and moving brilliantly, buoyantly as one in the exuberant skočná that closes Op 51. Some tempos can feel a little breathless but the Albions’ obvious love for this music is never laboured: I liked the way leader Tamsin Waley-Cohen applies the lightest of portamentos to the third movement of Op 80 – nothing blatant, but enough to make the melody flow.

But in the big tuttis (such as in the fast sections of Op 51’s dumka second movement) there’s still a satisfying crunch of rosin on string, though it’s never hectoring or crude – just (like the whole disc) sweetly and unaffectedly musical. I know it’s early, but I can already see this being my pick of the year.

melomane, melanoma

前者是法语, melody + mania = 乐迷



La Bohème | Puccini

《波希米亚人》是意大利作曲家普契尼Giacomo Puccini完成于1896年的歌剧作品。Puccini(1858-1924)还写过《图兰朵》,《蝴蝶夫人》,《托斯卡》。

故事是根据1851年法国作家Henry Murger的小说《Scènes de la vie de bohème》(波西米亚人生活掠影)(法语原文),描述了1840年代住在巴黎拉丁区的波西米亚人的生活。波西米亚人大都是穷人,如卖艺者,也有小偷。现在的巴黎街头流浪的罗姆人和波西米亚人也有关。


2020-02-09 周日听歌


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  • 《爱乐》2019年12月刊,赵穗康:《圣诞礼物》

《圣诞礼物》一文,作者逃离城市,来到乡村。寒夜抵达,点上炉火,小睡后,翻起老友送来的海顿钢琴奏鸣曲,度过难忘一夜。推荐古尔德的Late Sonatas of Haydn。 赵穗康,写过一本音乐方面的书。自己主业是艺术家,看他的网站根本看不出来他是会音乐。有意思的人。

陈涵弹奏安东·鲁宾斯坦的两首pinao sonatas。演奏者是一个年轻的钢琴新秀。鲁宾斯坦是俄罗斯人,1829-1894,圣彼得堡音乐学院,老柴的老师。

还有一个Fitzwilliams Quartet, Brodsky Quartet。前者有演奏肖斯塔科维奇的四重奏3,8,13;后者有贝多芬的late string quartet.

Samuil Feinberg的钢琴奏鸣曲,Sirodeau演奏。Feinberg是俄罗斯人,1890-1962. 他的前六首钢琴协奏曲写于1915-1923年间。不知道从中能发感到革命的气息。Sirodeau是1970年出生的法国钢琴家和作曲家。

昨天还在车里听一个CD系列,讲贝多芬string quartet全集。一共24节课。